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On-Forex.a website is an investment service that gives investors the opportunity to earn money using the knowledge and experience of the company and to obtain additional profit for managing funds of investors

Quickly, safely and profitably

Great rates

Depending on the amount of investment, you can earn from 0.7% to 1.4% profit. The minimum amount to replenish 10.00 . The number of deposits is not limited. Interest will accumulate automatically on Your balance.

The benefits of program partners

Earn not only investing personal funds. You can also attract affiliates and earn income from their deposits. Earn 3-level referral program up to 7% referral reward.

Instant withdrawals

Instant payments to all payment systems - is that like our investors, we do not charge any commissions or other hidden fees. Just go to the section paying your account and request the amount available for payment.

Advanced platform

We strive to provide our customers with a unique platform for investment. We managed to do it thanks to the support from investors, to partners and experience of company employees.


Commitments and goals

As in any other financial institutions, we have rules by which we work to achieve the goals. Therefore, for effective work in this field, we use standardized and well-tested algorithms, all transmitted data is protected. We have always supported and updated modern computer equipment to work stable and help investream have a stable income.


Expanding our technical capabilities

On-Forex.website, we try to provide the best services to our clients.


Investicionnye suggestions

Contribution for 3 months


  • The term of the Deposit 3 months
  • Daily accrual 1.4%
  • Income for the entire period 26%
  • The minimum amount 1001.00
  • The maximum amount 10000.00

Contribution for 6 months


  • The term of the Deposit 6 months
  • Daily accrual 0.9%
  • Income for the entire period 62%
  • The minimum amount 101.00
  • The maximum amount 10000.00

Contribution for 12 months


  • The term of the Deposit 1 year
  • Daily accrual 0.7%
  • Income for the entire period 155.5%
  • The minimum amount 10.00
  • The maximum amount 10000.00

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